Zodiark | Goblet | ward 12 Plot 43

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    Revelation is a Nightclub base in the heart of the goblet.
    Bringing the best trance music to a sunday night.
    Sit back and relax with a few beers and shots, party away on the dancefloor, or enjoy the company of one of our lovely dancers (no ERP). Whatever you desire, you are sure to find it a revelation

    Official Partner of Endless Nights

    Nightclub Owner & manager

    Moon Yoohyeon

    After spending the last few months visiting and working in various venues. Moon decided it was time to open his own venue. He may still be a shy miqo, but he knows how to party and have a good time. All he wants is to spend time with others and make everyone feel happy.

    Booking Manager

    Winter Fujikido

    Born and raised in Shirogane but her heart always belonged to Gridania.
    This Miqo is always busy and spends her time mostly on her two passions.
    Supporting others as healer in the fight and crafting where she takes pride in and really shines, giving it all to make the best amor and weapons you can get in Eorzea.
    She leads her own FC wich she calls "a lovely bunch of weirdos

    Zaryn Kune (Backup)

    A Seeker Of The Sun coming from the Sagolii Desert. A Miqo'te, that never told anyone her Tribe name for unknown reasons. No longerA new face in the scene, and full of commitment. She's quite shy; but doesn't mind having a conversation if she is approached first.


    Aelana Vermilion

    While born and raised Old Sharlayan, don’t let her relatively small stature or bookish upbringings fool you. Once having used a grimoire and commanding aether at her fingertips, sudden events caused her to lay it down and focus on her martial prowess. After many years of adventuring, she decided she needed a break from long adventures for a time, she has settled down in Eorzea for some time. Wanting to still help out even when she’s settled down, she now works at different nightclubs as security.

    Inori Kitsune

    Nothing is known about the Bun'ra except, they are small and cute but don't let that fool you, raised in a eat or be eaten environment they excel in combat, Inori is one of the rare and only Bun'ra to leave there home in search for adventure, so even tho she may look cute and adorable she is a combat expert.

    Lacee Redwood

    Lacee is small and looks cute and sweet but yet she is more tough than you think. She won't let anyone get close and known to her that easy, she watches carefully and keeps the distance. She will stay cold to you and won't show you her carrying, until you proved her loyality. When you passed her wall of coldness she will return the loyalty just as much back and will care for you and protect you. Even Lacee is a small Gekko, she will bite you for sure if you think you can push her around.


    Sakura Kyrielight

    Born in the Azim Steppes, Sakura soon realised she didn't belong there and so she started her adventures.
    After visiting countless regions, she became well versed in the drinks of each region and how to make them.
    Now she serves them with an intoxicating smile. Will her drinks make you dance all night


    Ninene Nine

    Ninene grew up on the edge of the Azim Steppe with her Xaelean brother, where she could always enthusiastically watch the fiery dancer of the Steppe.
    She was enthusiastic and practised for days and weeks to perfect the whole thing and to bring in her own style.
    After a while she left the Steppe and went around the residential areas around Eorzeas and met Moon, who took her in and offered her a place where she could practices her passion.

    Mia Blaze-Cari

    Born in Kugane, Mia has always been a quite cheeky and partly naughty girl. After growing up she longed for more than just her normal life in Kugane and left the Far East which brought her here. Even tho she might appear a bit shy in the beginning she'll open up pretty fast. Mia is a quite playful girl who loves to tease and she enjoys that a lot. Your pleasure is her pleasure and she'll make sure that you will enjoy your time with her.

    Taihou Tsukiko

    Lively and full of vigor, Taihou Tsukiko is a happy-go lucky Miqo'te who traveled far and wide with great desires to venture into unknown territory and meet new companions of all shapes and sizes. With a confident yet excited heart, she lifts herself and her friends up to greater heights to bring you an experience you will not soon forget and is never afraid to tell you what she really thinks - body and soul together.

    Mereoleona Vermilion

    Leona is a bratty and flirty Raen growing up in the teachings of the Garleans. Experienced at dancing but also being a big tease and flirt, she can offer comfort and excitement, beyond any kind of imagination. The cold and captivating stare of her silver eyes is only but an act of her warm heart that is ready to steal yours at any given opportunity.

    Mistha Jay

    Mistha Jay is a 20yo catboy living in the mists on shiva. Jay is Selen´s younger brother. as she raised him he did everything she did and so he found his love for dancing. the young feline will still have to learn a lot about life, but he definitly knows how to dance and move. let´s hope his shyness won´t take over when he gets hired for a private dance.

    Rebecca Draconara

    Short Au Ra with a dark skin and white lizard scales. Many different hairstyles but mostly light pink. She loves to dance, drink and to have much fun as possible. Sometimes she is really shy and other times really flirty. Her Favorited things are flowers. She is really girly. Rebecca served in the gridania forces as healer! Now she is a stablemaid!

    Shana Moon

    Shana is an experienced Bard with a strong will to fight and with the same effort she loves to put her energy in dancing. Her red eyes like lava, the skin pearly white like silk and hair as white as snow she knows how to allure her surrounding while being on the dancefloor. She loves to tease and play like you would expect of a true Kitten.

    Ethe'a Leach

    Ethe is a young wise miqo'te coming back from Sharlayan after a few years spent there. He grew up with his foster parents and his sisters in gridania enjoying a peaceful life.
    His trip to the faraway island bored him so he came back to Eorzea to have fun and enjoy life. Joining Revelation was the best way to do so. Even if dancing wasn't his original calling,
    he loves it and will show you his best steps if you ask him

    Arysta Suzura

    Behind her Ocean eyes lies a sly and cunning dancer who calls the deepest parts of the Gridanian forests her home. Be it exotic dances, hushed whispers into your ear or little touches here and there, you surely won't soon forget this Miqo named Arysta.

    Singing Mad

    After exploring some of the other clubs and giving a couple practice dances in them, Singing has started to become more and more confident in herself to actually do it as a full time job. She loves the attention and loves giving back just as much, shakes her hips seductively and always tries to make them come back and wanting more of it then before.

    Emsti-altair Denma (Backup)

    A shy Miqo'te, unless you hit the right buttons. With his heart on his sleeve and his sharp eyes on your body, he'll give his all to entertain you!